Hi, my name is Nura and I am a software engineer.

Tech Stack

  • Languages: Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL
  • Frameworks/Libaries: Flask, Jinja, jQuery, Bootstrap
  • Database/Industry Tools: PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy (ORM), Git, Command Line
  • Tools/Software: AWS Lightsail, Google Adwords Analytics, Salesforce, Wordpress, Squarespace, Microsoft Office, Raiser’s Edge, and SalsaLabs

I'm a recent graduate from Hackbright Academy with a previous career in nonprofit development. Previously, I was focused on working on storytelling for social change, through creating email campaigns in HTML and CSS, managing events, and fundraising. For three years, I taught myself HTML, CSS, and Javascript in order to increase donations and event attendance thru dynamic web pages and improved user experience.

Recently I completed an accelerated software engineering program at Hackbright Academy, where we learned computer science fundamentals and I created my first full stack web app. Since then, I have been learning on my own through various other projects and volunteering with Girl Develop It.

I enjoy problem-solving and creating practical products that I myself can envision using. I look forward to continuing to be a life long learner and to continuing to solve problems for other interesting companies that speak to me.

When I'm not busy coding, you can find me playing boardgames, videogames, or baking cupcakes.


Check out some of my projects.

Seater: A full-stack web app for seating arrangements


A full-stack web application for event planning that uses a sophisticated algorithm to seat your guests instantly based on their relationships.

My portfolio website

My portfolio website

This website!

Seater: A full-stack web app for seating arrangements

HTML Email Campaign

A custom-coded email campaign with HTML and inline CSS. This is an example of the weekly events newsletters I created in the CRM Salsalabs.


Please feel free to contact me!

I am always looking for new opportunities, so please feel free to contact me anytime.